Northwest Ag Industry Cashing In On Strong Grain Prices, Yields

Jul 27, 2012

Drought that’s sizzling the rest of the nation has largely left the Northwest states alone. Furthermore, the Midwest’s farmers’ misfortune is actually benefiting farmers here. That’s because grain prices are going up because of the Heartland’s decimated yields. Meanwhile, many Northwest farmers crops are above average.

Todd Ray is the owner of 10 New Holland tractor dealerships in Washington and Oregon. He says Northwest farmers may be doing better than the rest of the country, but they still have to think about high input costs, like gas, tires and fertilizer.

Ray: “As long as the commodity prices stay up, that helps everybody in our industry. All the way from the fertilizer people, to fuel, equipment dealers – everyone.”

Ray’s sales are up 20 percent from two years ago about this time. Not everyone will take advantage of the higher prices and good yields – Eastern Idaho has experienced some drought and some central Washington farmers got hit with an early frost.

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