Northeastern Washington’s Mill Pond Dam One Step Closer To Removal

Mar 28, 2012

Another Northwest dam is one step closer to biting the dust. Mill Pond Dam is in the far northeastern corner of Washington state. The obsolete hydroelectric dam is just more than 100 feet long and 55 feet high.

Seattle City Light will pay to dismantle the century- old dam as part of the renewal for a larger dam on the Pend Oreille River. Today , Washington’s Ecology Department granted a key permit for Mill Pond Dam’s removal.

Ecology spokeswoman Jani Gilbert says taking out the dam will open up 16 miles of stream habitat for several at-risk trout species.

“The water will be cooler and more hospitable to fish," Gilbert says. "And it will look the same as it did over a hundred years ago before those structures were built.”

Gilbert says Mill Pond has been a popular recreation area, but soon it will be restored to a more- natural mountain stream. The dam will be removed by cutting the structure into large chunks with concrete saws and then hauling those pieces away.

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