No Per Person Caps On Retail Pot License For Now

Jul 3, 2013

Washington’s Liquor Control Board does not plan to limit how many retail licenses one person can obtain to sell marijuana. At least that’s the decision for now. The Board Wednesday issued its final draft rules for the state’s new recreational marijuana market.

Board member Chris Marr expressed concern about the lack of a per-person cap on retail licenses.

“It will be possible and even probable that a few well qualified, well capitalized applicants will create an oligopoly market with all of its potential downsides: branding, advertising and marketing, the ability to influence prices, and so on," Marr says. 

Under the proposed rules, stores will have to use child resistant packaging for marijuana products. When it comes to growing pot, the state plans to allow outdoor cultivation as long as it’s fenced in.

The public now has a chance to comment on the rules before they become effective in September.

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