No Decision Yet On The Fate of Tsunami Debris

Jun 11, 2012

Oregon Parks officials are still weighing their options for the giant piece of tsunami debris that washed up on the Oregon coast this week. The Japanese dock continues to draw onlookers to the beach near Newport.

The state Parks and Recreation Department opened the removal project up for bid Friday. The agency’s Chris Havel says the proposals that come in will help determine whether the dock will be destroyed or reused.

“We thought that in our investigation one or either of those methods would rise to the top, and we would seek bids for contractors to do one or other of those two things," Havel says. "However, in the course of investigating this we’ve found that the two options overlap in cost, so there’s no clear winner”

Bids will close next Wednesday, June 13th. In the meantime, Havel wants to remind the dock’s many curious visitors that it can be best seen at low tide. He especially encourages families with children to be careful around the metal hulk.

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