No Crowd As Same-Sex Couple Obtains Marriage License

Dec 6, 2012

In Washington’s capital city, the County Auditor was prepared for a rush on the day same-sex marriage became legal. Instead, it felt like business as usual.

Deborah Dulaney and Diane McGee dressed warmly and brought an umbrella. They figured they’d be waiting out in the rain to get a wedding license on day one.

“Then we just walk right in," Diane says. "It was nice, but I’m kind of disappointed. I wanted to party.”

Diane is retired from IBM. Deborah works for Amazon. They’ve been together for 16 years. In 2004, the couple stood in line in San Francisco to get married. But as they waited, the California Supreme Court intervened.

“Never made it in the door," Diane says. Deborah adds, “The line was long, they stopped. But we had a lot of fun.”

Deborah didn’t think Washington voters would uphold the state’s new same-sex marriage law. Now she actually holds a license that allows her to join in “lawful wedlock” with Diane.

The couple planned to celebrate with a Mimosa brunch. And then Deborah had to go to work.

Excited as they are, Deborah and Diane say Washington’s law is just another stop on a long road. Turns out Diane has a daughter in Virginia who’s in a same-sex relationship. But she can’t get married there. They also hope President Obama will lead an effort to have the federal government recognize same-sex married couples.

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