Nike Agrees To Factory Inspections In New UW Contract

Nov 10, 2017

A movement by University of Washington students and staff has pushed Nike to change one of its factory policies.

As part of a new apparel contract between U-W and Nike, the company will allow a watchdog group to inspect problem-factories.

Nike has in the past barred the same group, the Worker Rights Consortium, from some overseas factories.

U-W's licensing committee says the new contract is a major step forward in ensuring worker rights.

Committee member and professor Michael McCann says it's also a big win for the University.

"This shows the results from positive action when the administration, students and faculty work together. This contract is setting a new industry standard."

McCann says U-W's effort was successful in large part because of activism by a student group, United Students Against Sweatshops.

A Nike spokesperson says they are pleased to have a new agreement with University of Washington, and will encourage similar deals with other schools.

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