News Organizations Sue To Watch Entire Idaho Execution

May 23, 2012

The Associated Press and other news agencies sued the state of Idaho yesterday to view prisoner executions from start to finish. Reporters want to be able to observe and report any complications that might come up.

AP reporter Rebecca Boone is among those fighting to see the entire execution.

Rebecca Boone: "This is the most powerful action that the courts and government can take, it’s killing a person. So if we don’t know what happens for half of that process, then it’s impossible to have an educated and vital debate about it."

Idaho Department of Correction officials say they shield the early part of the process to protect the identity of those who prepare inmates for execution. Idaho and 31 other states limit access to reporters during lethal injections. Idaho’s next scheduled execution is less than three weeks away. The news agencies hope to view the execution in its entirety.

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