New Waldport (Oregon) High School Will Be On Higher Ground

Apr 2, 2012

Crews will break ground this week on a new high school in Waldport on the Oregon coast. The existing school is in a tsunami zone. The new location will be on higher ground.

Waldport High School was built in 1959. Lincoln County School District's Director of Support Services Rich Belloni says the building is about 50 feet above sea level and just a half a mile from the ocean.

"Our understanding is if we had a large earthquake off the shore here of about 200 miles we would have a 40 foot wall of water going through Waldport in about 20 minutes," he says.

Lincoln County voters last month approved a $63 million levy to pay for a new Waldport High. It will be on higher ground, next door to Crestview Elementary. Belloni says the current building has some other issues, when there's a storm and the tide comes in, water comes in through the floor.

"We'll actually get groundwater in and around the building. The building has a roof that I call inverted -- it all slopes to the center, and we've had lots of leaks."

The new 56,000-square-foot Waldport High School is scheduled to be complete in summer 2013.

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