More Evacuations Ordered, Homes Lost In Large Idaho Wildfire

Wildfires burning in Idaho continue to be the country’s top firefighting priority. There are two massive blazes in that state that continue to threaten communities. Hundreds of people remain evacuated.

The Elk Complex has already caused hundreds of people to evacuate including those living in the town of Pine. Tuesday night a county sheriff issued another mandatory evacuation, this time for residents in nearby Featherville. Paul Broyles is a deputy incident commander with the team that manages this fire. He flew over the area that’s already burned and says at least 50 structures including homes have been lost.

Broyles: “ So the fire was quite intense, quite hot, and I was quite frankly surprised that any homes survived.”

This lightning caused fire has already consumed more than 150 square miles. Meanwhile three new large fires were reported Tuesday in Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

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