Mohamud Jury Alternate Says Verdict No Surprise

Feb 1, 2013

 With sentencing ahead for the man convicted of Portland's holiday tree-lighting bomb plot, those who watched the trial are processing its outcome. One alternate juror says she was not surprised at the verdict.

Mohamed Osman Mohamud booking photo.
Credit Multnomah County Sheriff's Office

  One of the jurors told Oregon Public Broadcasting that the group agreed not to speak publicly about their deliberations in Mohamed Mohamud's case. But one of the jury alternates agreed to an interview. Alternates hear all the evidence presented in the case, but do not take part in deliberations, unless a juror has to leave.

Wendy Burton said she was not surprised when she heard the jury convicted Mohamud for attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. 

"As far as I was concerned, there was no doubt," Burton says. "It was very sad. I felt very sad for his family. His mother and father appeared to be very wonderful people. I think they did everything right, but there was no doubt about his guilt."

Mohamud was arrested after a series of meetings with FBI undercover agents. Burton said she thinks many people were not aware of the activities Mohamud took part in before the FBI sting. 

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