Mohamud Closing Statements Revisit Evidence

Jan 30, 2013

The federal trial of a young man accused of trying to set off a bomb in downtown Portland is almost over. The jury began deliberating the case of Mohamed Mohamud late Wednesday afternoon. Closing statements focused narrowly on the evidence.

Mohamed Mohamud booking photo
Credit Multnomah County Sheriff's Office

Federal Defender Steve Sady told jurors there was no doubt Mohamud had said and written some terrible things about making war on America. But he reminded the jury that Mohamud is not on trial for his opinions or beliefs.

He also drew their attention to expert  testimony from a former CIA officer who said he found Mohamud an unlikely candidate to commit terrorism before undercover agents approached him. Sady said Mohamud was "a good kid, not someone who should be lured."

The jury must come to a unanimous verdict on whether Mohamud was predisposed to commit the crime, or whether he was entrapped by the FBI.

Federal Prosecutor Ethan Knight urged jurors to use common sense to interpret the case. He suggested no one could be entrapped to commit mass murder. Mohamud's written record, he said, indicates the defendant was primed to get involved with the wrong people.

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