McKenna Says Rep. Todd Akin's Credibility "Irretrievably Damaged"

Aug 21, 2012

"Irretrievably damaged." That's how Washington Republican candidate for governor Rob McKenna describes U.S. Senate candidate and current Congressman Todd Akin. The Missouri Republican is engulfed in a firestorm of criticism after comments he made over the weekend regarding pregnancies resulting from rape.

McKenna Tuesday reiterated his call for Akin to end his candidacy.

McKenna: "I've been volunteering and supporting our local sexual assault resource agency for 15 years, and I was offended and appalled by what he said, and I think it disqualifies him from seeking or holding high office."

Democratic candidate for governor Jay Inslee calls Akin's comments "indefensible." Akin has vowed to stay in the race despite calls from his own party leadership to withdraw his name from the ballot.

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