Longdraw Fire Grows Tenfold Since Tuesday

Jul 11, 2012

Fire officials are reporting that a wildfire burning in the southeast corner of Oregon has grown to nearly 300,000 acres. That's about 10 times larger than it was Tuesday. Crews had built fire lines on three sides, only to have that work undone with a burst of erratic winds. Temperatures in the area have hovered around 100 degrees and are expected to continue through the rest of the week.

Mike Stearly is a public information officer with the type two incident management team assigned to the blaze.

Stearly: "The crews have done a good job of protecting structures. There's been a few fence lines, power lines and some outbuilding on the ranches that have burned, but no residences or evacuations."

The fire has disturbed traffic along Highway 95. It’s the main road fire crews are using to get resources to the line. The Oregon Department of Transportation expects to be closing the highway off and on through Wednesday.

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