Legal Pot Prices May Be High To Start

Jul 4, 2014

Marijuana users may pay some high prices to get high when Washington’s legal pot market launches the week of July 7. The initial price-per-gram could be nearly double what medical marijuana card-holders pay. Correspondent Austin Jenkins reports.

Credit Carline Jean MCT / Landov

Generally speaking, medical marijuana goes for 10 to 12, maybe 15 dollars per gram in Washington. A gram is like a two quarter-sized nuggets. But recreational users who want to buy legally at Washington’s new pot stores may pay double that – at least initially. James Lathrop plans to open the first recreational marijuana store in Seattle. He says expect to pay $20 a gram, taxes included.

Lathrop: “You know many people have complained about that. In reality, I mean we’re talking a twenty. I think that’s great. You spend $20 on a bottle of wine.”

Prices are expected to come down as more stores open and the legal supply becomes more plentiful. Earlier this year, Washington lawmakers considered rolling the state’s existing medical marijuana marketplace into the new recreational one. But that didn’t pass. The idea is expected to return in the next legislative session.

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