Left-Handers Day Coup at Northwest Public Radio

Aug 13, 2013

Northwest Public Radio's Morning Edition host Sueann Ramella tries to use her left hand while working on the computer. "I never realized how difficult it is to be a left-handed person in a right-handed world until Robin Rilette enlightened me."
Credit Kevin Rinker

The Northwest Public Radio studios are in a state of chaos today, as resident left-handers Kevin Rinker and Robin Rilette celebrate “Left-Handers Day.”

Early this morning Rilette was seen forcing….um….rather….engaging in cultural sensitivity  training by gently encouraging “Morning Edition” host Sueann Ramella to use the radio board and mouse with her right hand held behind her back.  As you can see from the expression on her face it was not easy. 

When asked why Rilette went to such lengths Rinker fist-pumped with his left hand while saying, “Take THAT righties!” Just weeks before these events, Rilette was seen sharing a list of injustices experienced by left-handed folks with the usually calm and subdued Rinker.

Development Coordinator Jamie Huber expressed support for Rinker and Rilette stating, “I tried being left-handed after I fractured my elbow in June, BUT thankfully it only lasted a week or so!” 

Perhaps Huber’s gratitude for being right-handed has something to do with the fact that when you look up the word sinister in the dictionary you’ll find words like threatening, evil, harm, wicked and disastrous, along with “of or on the left side; left.”  According to the online site Islamic Learning Materials Muslims always eat with their right hand, and that includes left-handed Muslims.  Why?  In Muslim and Asian cultures the left hand is generally relegated to personal hygiene. 

So what’s a leftie to do?  You could counter with the fact that since only about 10% of women are left-handed with that number going up to 12% for men, you’re just plain special!  You could also talk about the fact that the brain is “cross-wired” so that the left hemisphere controls the right handed side of the body and vice-versa, leading one to the logical conclusion that only left-handers are in their right minds! 

And check out the list of famous left-handers. Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan are two of the eight U.S. left-handed presidents.  Prince Charles and his eldest son Prince William of England are members of this exculsive club, as are journalist Edward R. Murrow, science fiction author H.G. Wells, entertainers Nicole Kidman and Jerry Seinfeld, composer Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach and guitarist Jimi Hendrix.