Lawsuit Alleging Shady Dealings Against Oregon Lawmaker Withdrawn

Feb 6, 2012

SALEM, Ore. – Business partners suing Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist asked a judge Friday to dismiss their own lawsuit. They originally accused the Republican lawmaker of fraud. Salem Correspondent Chris Lehman reports.

When he's not at the state capitol, Republican state Senator Brian Boquist helps run a military training company. At a complex in Wyoming, ICI creates realistic scenarios to prepare US Armed Forces for what they can expect on the battlefield. That involves a lot of explosions, if the videos on ICI's website are any indication.

The lawsuit, first reported by Willamette Week, was filed against Boquist, his wife and a business partner.

Two former business partners accused Boquist of improperly diverting thousands of dollars from ICI into another company, then using the cash to fund Republican causes.

Boquist did not return a call seeking comment. The plaintiff's attorney declined to comment about the lawsuit or why it was suddenly withdrawn.

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