Large Dock Washes Up On Washington Coast

Dec 19, 2012

A massive dock has washed up on a remote wilderness beach in Olympic National Park.
It could be debris from last year’s tsunami in Japan.

Finding that out is top of the to-do list for responders from the park, NOAA and Fish and Wildlife.
Dave Workman is with the Washington state Marine Debris Task Force.

“This isn’t one of docks like you see around our marinas. This is very large, estimated between 30 and 60 feet. It could be over 150 tons.”

A gigantic dock showed up on the Oregon coast in June. It weighed 188 tons.

Workman says responders are eager to get up close to the dock but storms are forcing them to wait a day.
Once they get to the dock, they’ll take photos to share with the Japanese government to help assess its origin.

And they need to find out if invasive species hitched a ride.

Then, Workman says there’s the problem of removing the dock.

“Very large object sitting on beach on a very large ocean which has waves and it floats so we want to make sure- in a perfect situation you’d remove it and dispose of it somewhere but that’s not gonna be an easy job.”

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire designated $300-thousand towards tsunami debris removal. Japan recently announced it will give the U.S. $5 million towards clean up. It’s unclear exactly how much of that will get to Washington state.