Large Crowd Turns Out For Washington Marijuana Legalization Forum

Jan 23, 2013

It was standing room only for the first in a series of public forums on implementing Washington’s new marijuana law. The state’s Liquor Control Board invited public comment Tuesday night as it prepares to write the rules on pot legalization. Hairdresser Dana Anderson says until now she’s never been able to speak publicly about her interest in marijuana.

Anderson: “My generation we whispered, we never talked out loud. I’ve been just like everybody else waiting and watching - hoping that the state takes charge and regulates it, keeps criminals out, has it tested so it’s healthy for people.”

Anderson would like to get a license to grow marijuana indoors. Previously she’s grown pot for medicinal purposes for her disabled son. The Washington Liquor Control Board is working to implement Initiative 502, passed by voters in November. It requires the state, by year’s end, to set up a system to license marijuana producers, processors and sellers.

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