Lane County To Cut Budget By More Than 15 Million

May 23, 2012

Like many Northwest counties, Lane County is experiencing a budget shortfall. The county Budget Committee has approved more than 15 million dollars in cuts to youth services, the sheriff's office and medical examiner among others. Desmond O'Boyle has more.

During a public comment period, citizens expressed concerns about reductions to veterans programs and animal services. Road funds were shifted to save 35 jail beds, although 96 will be eliminated. Commissioner Jay Bozievich expressed concern about taking money from the road fund to help with the cuts.

Bozievich: "But like Commissioner Leiken, I think this is a one year stop-gap, it's one of the last rabbits we can pull out of the hat, and I hope it doesn't give the public the impression that we are some how or another trying to scare them into doing things because we threatened about going down to six deputies and now we found money to get back to where we were this year. That's not the case."

The fate of the funds for the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency was passed on to the Board of Commissioners to decide. The Committee approved the budget 8 to 2. It now goes to the Lane County Board of Commissioners for final approval. In Eugene, I'm Desmond O'Boyle.

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