Lane County Administrator On Leave While Under Investigation

Jul 25, 2013

The administrator for Lane County, Ore., government has taken paid leave after questions about her paycheck were raised.

A staff member brought to light that Liane Richardson has been converting her vacation and sick leave into take-home pay since January.

The Board of County Commissioners has asked for an independent investigation of Richardson's compensation arrangement. Board Chair Sid Leiken says Richardson will remain on leave during the investigation.

"Our Legal Council, Steve Dingle, will oversee, an outside organization will come in and do what I would regard as a prompt and thorough investigation and then come back to the Board of Commissioners," Leiken says.

Leiken would not comment on whether Richardson has committed legal or ethical violations - that will likely come out in the investigation. Richardson offered to repay the county.

She had asked earlier this year for a raise for herself and Steve Dingle and withdrew the request after public outcry. The amount of money she received has not been revealed. Richardson's annual pay is just over $152,000.

In an email released to the media, she says she's "truly sorry." 

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