Kitzhaber Signs Series Of Bills…Again

May 21, 2012

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has been busy signing a series of bills dealing with everything from marine reserves to tax incentives. But the deadline to sign bills from this year's legislative session was actually more than a month ago.

With a bipartisan group of lawmakers gathered behind him, the governor extolled the virtues of House Bill 4068.

John Kitzhaber: "The people here deserve a lot of credit for bringing a bill to my desk with broad, bipartisan majorities."

Then Kitzhaber sat down signed it. It may have felt like déjà vu for the Democrat. He actually signed this bill into law more than two months ago. It's at least the third such faux bill signing in less than a week. The ceremonial nature of the event didn't faze those gathered to celebrate the measure. It allows commercial fisherman to donate fish to food banks that was accidentally caught while fishing for something else. Mike Moran is with the Oregon Food Bank.

Mike Moran: "Even if it's only a thousand, two thousand pounds, in a community like Tillamook, Clatsop or Newport, that's a tremendous amount of protein."

A spokeswoman for the governor's office says the ceremonial bill signings are primarily for the benefit of stakeholders.

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