Kitzhaber Praises Legislature

Mar 6, 2012

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is heaping praise on the legislature for its just concluded 2012 session. The Democratic governor saw lawmakers pass all four of his major policy initiatives, including three on the final day of the session Monday. Kitzhaber was surrounded by lawmakers from both parties in his office Tuesday as he signed two of those measures into law.

The Governor praised the legislature for not falling victim to partisanship, especially in the evenly divided Oregon House.

John Kitzhaber: "There were some bumps along the way. Obviously everyone's under a little stress in this kind of short session, but at the end of the day they once again demonstrated their ability to put Oregon and Oregonians first."

But the bi-partisan harmony won't last long. Tuesday's deadline to file to run for state political offices marks the unofficial start to the campaign season. Both parties are already claiming to have the edge when it comes to taking control of the legislature for next year's session.

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