Kitzhaber, Inslee Push For Emissions Accounting For Coal Export Proposals

Mar 26, 2013

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber and Washington Governor Jay Inslee continue to push for a tougher federal review of proposed coal export terminals in the Northwest. Monday the governors sent a letter to the President’s top environmental advisors, asking them to consider the impact of coal exports on the climate. Amelia Templeton of Earthfix reports.

  The Army Corps of Engineers is conducting federal environmental reviews of several proposed coal export terminals in the Northwest.

Inslee and Kitzhaber want to make sure the agency considers the impact that burning coal will have on the changing climate. The governors write that building the export terminals will lead to long-term investments in coal power plants in Asia. They say the exported coal could pump extra tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The coal export proposals call for shipping at least 100 million tons of coal per year.

Inslee and Kizhaber also raise concerns that coal mined on federal land is being sold at below market prices. Which could, in effect, subsidize coal fired electricity in Asia.

58 members of Congress have written a letter asking agencies to fast-track approval of coal export terminals. They say exports will support international development and help the balance of trade.

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