Keeping Safe On Hikes During Wildfire Season

Aug 11, 2014

It’s prime hiking season in the northwest right now, but it’s also the peak of wildfire season in the west. That can lead to trouble.

It's prime hiking season across the northwest right now, but it's also the peak of wildfire season.
Credit sebadelval / pixabay

This weekend, 19 hikers were rescued from a wildfire at Saddle Mountain State Park near Seaside, according to a report on KPTV.

So how can hikers keep safe during wildfire season?

Robert Smith is a safety training coordinator for Oregon State Parks. He said to check wildfire conditions beforehand.

Smith explains what you should do if you are trapped in a wildfire.

“You’re not going to outrun a fire,” said Smith. “Get to a deep water source if at all possible- a stream, a lake, a river or a creek. If that is not available, get to an area with the least amount of fuel as possible, so a rocky area. If you have a choice between going uphill or downhill, always choose to go downhill.”

Smith also recommends carrying a charged cell phone, plenty of water and food, and informing a friend of hiking plans.

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