Judge Justin Quackenbush Remembers Foley

Oct 18, 2013

Among those sharing their remembrances of former U.S. House Speaker Tom Foley is a man who was a life-long friend.

Former U.S. Speaker of the House Tom Foley of Spokane has died at the age of 84.
Credit sos.wa.gov

Federal Judge Justin Quackenbush was born in the same Spokane hospital and in the same year as Foley.

They met through their fathers and grew up together as good friends.

Among their many connections, serving as Deputy Prosecutors at the same time, in the same court.

“Personally, I think he was the most intellectually, personally honest person I ever met in my life. He always addressed issues head-on on their merits or lack of merits, and not with any political ramifications governing his decisions" says Quackenbush.

Quackenbush also served as Foley’s campaign manager for the first 15 years of his political career.

He is currently Senior Judge for the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington.

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