Josh Romney Gets Applause And Boos At Wash. GOP Convention

Jun 1, 2012

The room was largely divided Friday at the state Republican Party convention in Tacoma, between supporters of Mitt Romney and Ron Paul for president.

The audience saw a videotaped message from Rick Santorum, urging them to come together behind Romney. That was also the message from Washington’s former chairman for the Newt Gingrich campaign.

Mitt Romney’s son Josh addressed the crowd in person. He said he wanted to make a pitch about what he calls the state party’s “congressional slate”, to assign delegates. . . to his dad.

"I would appreciate everyone to find out who their slate is, make sure to vote my dad’s slate, make sure we can unite this party and get together," he said to cheers and boos.

"Boos” from Ron Paul supporters competed with cheers from others.

Today and tomorrow convention delegates will elect their representatives to go on to the Republican national convention in Tampa, Florida this summer.

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