Jordan Cove Needs New License For LNG Export Terminal

Mar 29, 2012

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Federal regulators visited the site of a proposed liquefied natural gas facility near Coos Bay, Oregon Wednesday. Regulators say the Jordan Cove energy project will need to submit a new application now that it is proposing to export natural gas instead of importing it. Amelia Templeton reports.

The Jordan Cove Energy project has proposed building a terminal on a sand dune outside of Coos Bay.

It would consist of a power plant and liquefaction facility, two storage tanks almost 200 feet tall, and a berth where tankers would dock and fill up with the liquefied natural gas.

Paul Friedman is a staffer with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He told residents of Coos Bay that FERC won’t allow Jordan Cove to build the facility using the approval they were granted three years ago for an import terminal.

Friedman: “Jordan Cove has entered into what we call the FERC prefilling process. The end of that process is a new application and a new facility, and we will do a new environmental document.”

Friedman said that Jordan Cove will also need permission from the State of Oregon to build a power plant at the dune site.

But the federal approval of a new natural gas pipeline from Malin to Coos Bay still stands.

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