JBLM Soldiers Don't Expect 'Rush' Of Females To Combat Roles

Jan 24, 2013

Two themes emerged from a roundtable of mostly female soldiers at the U.S. Army's biggest West Coast post. Joint Base Lewis-McChord organized the panel Thursday to speak on the Pentagon's decision to allow women into combat roles.

Army Major Sheila Medeiros says the change validates the good job women are already doing under fire.

"I believe you won't see a rush of women wanting to join these (combat) roles, but you'll see a number, a few."

The 43-year-old Medeiros says, had the policy been changed ten years ago, she might have applied to Army Ranger school.

Another point stressed repeatedly by soldiers of both sexes was that they want everyone to be held to the same standard. A female staff sergeant says she fears there would be a loss of trust within combat units if Army brass set different thresholds for men and women.

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