It's OK To Wait A Few Days For Healthcare Exchange Sign-Up

Oct 2, 2013

Things are went a little more smoothly Wednesday for Washington’s Health Benefit Exchange website than the first day of operation.

Michael Marchand the Exchange’s Director of Communications says there are still sporadic website outages, but more people are able to sign up for healthcare.

He says there are some misconceptions that people have to sign up immediately.

In reality, you have some time.

“It is okay to wait, and of course, I’ve gotten a number of those emails from folks who said, ‘I wasn’t able to get on and complete my application by last night, am I not going to be insured’ and the answer is, no. You have that opportunity from today through about the middle of December to ensure you get on the plan you would like to, when coverage starts January 1st" says Marchand.

The website for coverage is Wa Healthplan Finder Dot Org.

In addition to the online sign up, you can also sign up in person. But, website slowdowns and glitches have prevented some call center employees from signing you up over the telephone.

However, they can answer your questions at 855-923-4633.

You have until December 23rd to make your first payment to be eligible for healthcare on January 1st.

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