It IS Foggier- Puget Sound Stuck In Foggy October

Oct 24, 2013

If it seems like it’s been a lot foggier than usual around Seattle, you’re right.

Credit davidjlee / Flickr

Meteorologist Johnny Burg with the National Weather Service did some checking and found that this October has been especially foggy.

“Right now we’ve had nine days of fog that is so dense it that it’s has reduced visibility to a quarter mile or less. On average we usually see about seven days for the whole month of October. So we are about two days above the average and we’ve still got more than a week left" says Burg.

Burg says the reason for all the fog is a high pressure system that’s been camped over Western Washington.

That, combined with dry weather means there’s nothing to break it up.

And the dry spell may be why we haven’t seen an increase in traffic accidents because of low visibility.

Trooper Chris Webb with the Washington State Patrol says there have been fewer accidents since October 13, than the same time period last year.

In 2012, there were 592 collisions reported to the State Patrol.

This year, it’s 373.

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