Inspectors Take Wheat Seed Samples From Wash. Distributors

Jun 12, 2013

Federal inspectors have taken seed samples from a distributor in Walla Walla, Wash., as part of their investigation to find out how genetically modified wheat wound up in an Oregon field. That’s according to a news report published by the Capital Press.

The general manager of Northwest Grain Growers told the newspaper that U.S. Department of Agriculture investigators took samples of the two varieties of wheat. Both varieties were planted in the Eastern Oregon field.

Manager Chris Peha said inspectors spent two hours on site and didn’t answer his questions about what they were looking for.

Unauthorized, genetically modified wheat was confirmed two weeks ago to have been growing in a farmer’s field in Eastern Oregon.

A USDA spokesman said the investigation is ongoing. He said, so far, investigators have not found GM wheat anywhere but the one field.

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