Inslee Seeks More Federal Disaster Aid

Apr 2, 2014

For the second day in a row, Washington Governor Jay Inslee has asked the federal government to boost its disaster assistance to victims of the Oso landslide.

On Monday, Inslee asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency to declare the area a major disaster.

That would bring more aid for individuals and businesses hurt by the slide.

Yesterday, Inslee asked for more federal funds to help Snohomish County and three local tribes in clearing debris and protecting property and public safety.

Tuesday afternoon, Inslee spoke at a forum on climate change at the University of Washington.

He said the state needs to plan for more disasters like this one as the climate changes.

"We're going to have more floods. We're going to have more landslides. Landslides are at times precipitated by additional, heavy rainfall….It has to be built into our planning," says Inslee.

Inslee said confronting climate change is a moral imperative.

Climate scientists predict more intense winter storms in the Northwest under a changing climate.

Heavy rain can trigger deep landslides like the one that hit Oso on March 22nd.

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