Inslee Says Washington Business Could Feel Shutdown Pain Soon

Oct 7, 2013

Governor Jay Inslee says if the federal government shutdown doesn’t end soon, some of Washington’s biggest employers will be forced to lay off workers. Inslee made the remarks Sunday at a news conference in Seattle.

He said he’s particularly worried about defense contractors and the state’s aerospace industry.

Inslee: “The operations of the federal government are pivotal to the great businesses of my state. They can’t do their business if the House of Representatives doesn’t do theirs.”

Inslee also said veterans are having trouble getting services from state agencies that receive federal money. And soon, he said, the state will have difficulty processing unemployment claims for residents. Inslee served seven terms in Congress before becoming governor. He said the votes exist in the House to get the government moving again. He and the state’s Democratic members of Congress say the problem is that House Speaker John Boehner refuses to allow a vote. Meanwhile, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, from eastern Washington, issued a statement on Friday blaming Democrats for the shutdown. The Republican said Senate Democrats refuse to negotiate with the GOP.

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