Inslee Predicts Washington Will Adopt Controversial Fuel Standard

May 9, 2014

For months now, Washington Republicans have been predicting that Governor Jay Inslee will use his executive powers to enact something called a low-carbon fuel standard. Inslee acknowledges he’s looking at ways to do this without legislative approval. Either way he thinks Washington is poised to move forward.

Washington will likely adopt a California-style pollution limit on gasoline and other transportation fuels.
Credit Kristen Steele / Flickr

“I think it’s a probability that we will be able to fashion a low carbon fuel standard that will be effective for the state of Washington both for carbon pollution and from a cost-containment standpoint,” Inslee said. “From what I know today, I think it’s a likelihood we will succeed in fashioning that, but I want to reiterate we’re going to have a very sophisticated, thorough evaluation of that before I make that ultimate decision.”

Inslee was speaking on Seattle Channel’s “Civic Cocktail” program. A low-carbon fuel standard is basically a requirement that vehicle fuels be blended with less carbon-intensive alternative fuels. Governor Inslee has promised a “deliberative, public process” as he pursues carbon pollution reduction measures in Washington. Legislative Republicans oppose a fuel standard and say it could drive up the cost of gasoline.

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