Improved Funding May be On The Way For Higher Education in Wash., Idaho

Mar 1, 2012

After years of severe budget cuts, better days may be on the horizon for higher education in Idaho and Washington.

These days when you speak to those whose job it is to advocate for higher education before state lawmakers, you hear them saying things they haven’t been able to say in several years:

Chris Mulick: “There’s a very genuine sense of momentum for higher education right now.”

Chris Mulick is Director of State Relations for Washington State University. He says the ongoing discussions on the supplemental budget in Washington look promising for the first time in years. In Idaho, state budget writers have approved a budget that would increase state support for the state’s public universities by $18.1 million, essentially returning the level of state support to where it was in 2006. Political observers in both states credit part of the turnaround to renewed lobbying efforts aimed at informing lawmakers about the benefits of higher education in terms of jump starting the economy. Final votes on these budget proposals are still needed in both state legislatures.

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