Impact from President Trump's Budget Cuts To Arts And Culture Programs In Washington

Mar 16, 2017

Among many proposed budget cuts, the Trump administration wants to completely eliminate the National Endowments for the Humanities and the Arts. The proposed budget cut would  impact numerous art-related programs and groups in Washington state. 

Last fall the NEA gave almost a million dollars in grants to 34 arts groups across the state.

The money funded everything from King County’s Creative Justice Program, an alternative to youth incarceration, to a project that brings professional theater artists to rural Davenport, near the Colville reservation in eastern Washington.

The NEA also funds some of Seattle’s big arts groups. The Seattle Symphony, Pacific Northwest Ballet and ACT Theater all received grant money last fall. The Seattle Art Museum also receives regular NEA funding for some of its marquee exhibitions. But the support goes beyond money, said Museum Director Kimerly Rohrshack.

The NEA runs the federal indemnification project. The project helps museums and other institutions with the high costs of insuring the safety of major touring art exhibitions.

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