Idaho Towns Of Sun Valley And Ketchum On Evacuation Alert

Aug 16, 2013

Things have taken a turn for worse in central Idaho. The Beaver Creek Fire continues to grow quickly, and residents of the resort towns of Sun Valley and Ketchum have been told to prepare to evacuate.

A week-old batch of wildfires here has already burned nearly 40 homes. But the fires that had been considered the most dangerous, were burning in very remote areas. Now, the Beaver Creek Fire has closed in on the more populated Wood River Valley. The region is popular for vacationers and considered a play area for celebrities.

The local sheriff isn’t evacuating the towns yet, but has told residents to be prepared to get out. Several outlying communities have already been evacuated.

Strong winds and very low humidity have led to extreme growth on the fire, pushing it towards the towns. One fire official says it’s a definite possibility the fire could reach the two cities.

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