Idaho Right To Hunt Amendment Passes With Mixed Feelings

Nov 7, 2012

Idaho voters Tuesday passed an amendment that adds the right to hunt, fish and trap to the state constitution.

Photo of hunting trap.
Credit Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

HJR 2 easily passed but even those who voted for it had some regrets. Daniel Malloy, a Ron Paul republican explains why.

Malloy: “And there are forces at play within this state that I’ve had to deal with personally that came to me and said do you realize that if we put this on the constitution we’ll never be able to get rid of you know, hunting fishing or trapping. And I thought - thats exactly the point.”

Malloy feels many in the state including lawmakers were forced to vote for this constitutional amendment to protect hunting and fishing.

Those against HJR 2 say they were most concerned about adding trapping to the state constitution. Idaho joins 13 other states with similar constitutional amendments. Wyoming, Kentucky and Nebraska also had right to hunt measures on the ballot this year.

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