Idaho Governor Underscores Commitment to Keep Nuclear Waste Out of Idaho

Jan 8, 2013

Idaho Governor Butch Otter underscored his commitment Monday to keeping more spent nuclear waste from entering Idaho. EarthFix Reporter Aaron Kunz explains.

Idaho governor Butch Otter.
Credit Photo courtesy U.S. Congress

Governor Butch Otter organized the Leadership in Nuclear Energy Commission almost a year ago. The goal was for that group to determine what the Idaho National Laboratory future might be. The laboratory is the nations lead nuclear research facility.

When the LINE Commission released its preliminary report last month, it included revisiting Idaho’s 1995 agreement with the federal government that caps the amount of nuclear waste allowed to be shipped to Idaho.

Governor Otter downplayed the recommendation in his State of the State Address.

Otter: “I’m as committed as ever to enforcing the terms of our 1995 agreement with the federal government to get all nuclear waste out of Idaho by 2035.”

The LINE Commission will submit their final recommendations with Governor Otter by the end of the month. The public comment period closed last Friday.

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