Idaho Fire Continues To Threaten Mountain Towns

Aug 20, 2012

Wildfires have burned more land this year in the U.S. than in the last decade. Large fires continue to burn in California, Washington, Nevada and Idaho.

For days now, a massive wildfire burning northeast of Boise has kept residents in the mountain hamlets of Featherville and Pine on their toes. Over the weekend, dozens of people evacuated Featherville with word the fire would reach town. That hasn’t happened. Now everyone, including fire information officer Mary Christensen wants to know when it will.

Christensen: "I wish I knew. That is the $64 million question."

Christensen does say that it’s only a matter of time before the wildfire moves into Featherville. She says crews have spent days protecting homes and businesses. Gusty winds and thunderstorms, though, could prove a challenge for fire fighters.

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