Idaho Couples Sue State Over Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Nov 11, 2013

Four Idaho couples are suing the state over its ban on same-sex marriage. They asked a U.S. district court Friday to declare Idaho’s prohibition unconstitutional.

Two of the couples suing the state of Idaho have been legally married in other states. Two others, including Amber Beierle and Rachael Robertson, have tried to get Idaho marriage licenses and been denied. Beierle says she and Robertson love Idaho and each other.

Beierle: “We’re a great family and we’re a family that deserves exactly what every other Idahoan is afforded in marriage,”

The eight plaintiffs, all women, have help from the National Center for Lesbian Rights and are represented by Boise attorneys Deborah Ferguson and Craig Durham. Idaho passed a constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage in 2006. Ferguson says the U.S. Supreme Court decision earlier this year to strike down the federal Defense of Marriage Act now makes a legal challenge possible in Idaho.

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