ICE Operation Designed To Send A Message To “Sanctuary Cities"

Oct 4, 2017

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it arrested nearly 500 people nationwide last week in an operation targeting so-called “sanctuary cities.”

Thirty-three of those arrests were in Washington and Oregon. Officials with the agency known as ICE say they want to send a message to cities that limit their cooperation with immigration agents.

Matt Adams is legal director of Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, which provides legal help to people facing deportation. He says the number of arrests isn’t unusual, but the message is...

"We certainly haven't seen before where the federal government is treating cities as if they need to, like that they're not working on the same side," Adams said. "That they need to send a message or punish cities."

ICE officials say they spend more resources making arrests in cities and counties that don’t cooperate fully.

Sheriffs across the Northwest say that complying with all of ICE’s requests would put them at risk of violating a federal court decision.

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