Hundreds Of Portland Students Walk Out Of School To Protest Trump Election

Nov 14, 2016

At least 500 students from ten Portland schools walked out of class Monday morning in protest of the election of Donald Trump. 

Students walked or rode buses for miles – from Mount Tabor on the east side and Wilson High in the west hills. They gathered downtown and police directed traffic away, as they crossed bridges and major roads. They stopped at Benson High and asked students to join them.

A Cleveland High School junior named Abby said students were trying to counter Trump’s divisive rhetoric, not overturn the election result.

“We’re not, you know, thrilled that he is our president. That’s what it is. We can’t change that. But we will not stand for the racism and the hate that half of our country elected. That’s just not ok,” Abby said.

Other students said they were worried about Trump’s policies toward women and immigrants. At least one counter-protester confronted students about their march.

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