Hundreds Gather In Portland For Conference On Climate Change Science

Sep 5, 2013

Hundreds of scientists and environmental managers from across the Pacific Northwest are gathering in Portland this week for a two-day conference on climate science.

Scientists will present research on topics including the climate impacts to threatened chinook salmon, amphibians, and trees. They'll look at the latest projections for flooding and stream temperatures in the region, and the implications for agriculture and weed management. Conference chair Philip Mote says he's expecting about 280 people at the event, but only about half of them are scientists. Many in attendance will be managers looking for guidance on how to adapt to climate change.

Mote: "This conference is all about putting those two groups of people together: The experts who are out managing the environment and the experts who are studying the environment."

On Wednesday, Portland officials led a pre-conference tour of projects that they hope will help the city adapt to climate change. The tour included a cluster of eco-roofs on the South Waterfront and two habitat restoration projects along Johnson Creek.

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