How Many Fires Are There in Washington and Oregon?

Jul 18, 2014

Map of Washington wildfires.
Credit NOAA

UPDATE: July 21, 2014 8:00am

Governor Jay Inslee says there are 50 fires burning in Washington.


You've seen the smoky sky and may have wondered: Where is the fire? The question should really be: How many fires are there burning right now? The answer: 27 large and uncontained wildfires in eastern Washington, Oregon and Idaho. While temperatures will cool down, fire danger is not likely to improve.

The Carlton Complex fire north of Chelan has destroyed 100 homes. Residents of Peteros were allowed to return to check on their homes and belongings.

Firefighter Don Scahfer reported several community buildings were destroyed in the fire, including the local post office, school, a church, and a hardware store. Fire officials estimate the fire to be over 202,000 acres in size.  

In Brewster the fire destroyed the Silver Spur Resort. The owner believes six other homes there were destroyed.

In Oregon, out-of-state fire crews are helping to battle 15 large fires spanning 565 square miles that have stretched resources thin in the state. Spokeswoman Carol Connolly at the federal fire center in Portland says the total firefighting personnel in Oregon is near 5,000. The bulk of the fires started by lightning storms.

In Idaho, the two Whiskey Complex fires — the Wash Fire and the Grimes Fire — were covering 5,740 acres and were just 5 percent contained. These fires spread rapidly due to unseasonably dry vegetation.

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