Horizon Air To Base Flight Crews In Boise, Medford and Spokane

Apr 3, 2012

Horizon Air will be establishing new inland northwest bases of operation starting in August. The airline plans to expand to three Northwest cities.

Horizon Air now bases its flight crews in Seattle and Portland. By the end of the summer, its nearly 900 pilots and flight attendants will also call Boise, Idaho, Medford, Oregon and Spokane, Washington home. Paul McElroy is a spokesman for the airline.

Paul McElroy: "We will be transferring 96 pilots and flight attendants to Boise where we’re creating a new base."

McElroy says about half that number already live in Boise. He says it’s more efficient to have crews living in these cities than stay in hotels overnight. The airline’s decision to relocate flight crews to Boise, Medford, and Spokane will take effect mid-August.

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