High Winds, Heavy Rain Pummel The Northwest

Nov 19, 2012

High winds and heavy rain are pummeling the Northwest Monday. Downed trees and floodwaters have closed countless roads, making the evening commute a difficult one. Salem Correspondent Chris Lehman went to check out a creek near his home.

A vehicle speeds through a flooded intersection in Salem.
Credit Chris Lehman

I'm standing on a bridge over Mill Creek in downtown Salem, and the waters are definitely on the rise. This particular location is of special interest to me since my house is about a block away from here.

Earlier this year during a major flooding event here in Salem, I had to fill some sandbags and put them around the back door to keep the floodwaters at bay. So far, it's not anywhere near that point, but with the rain in the forecast, I'm going to keep an eye out throughout the night.

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