Helix, Ore., Returning To Normalcy After Devastating Mud Flow

Jul 26, 2012

Helix, Ore., residents have most of their summer programs back online and many buildings back in service after a massive mud flow ripped through much of downtown. A storm sent rivers of mud down early the morning of July 16.

Residents have spent more than a week shoveling, scraping and hosing to remove the dirt and debris from buildings and sidewalks.

Helix Mayor Jack Bascomb says the town’s pool has reopened and the library will open soon.

“We’ve still got deep mud going to the sidewalks around the building," he says. "So now that we’ve got the building clean, we’ve got to get that dirt up off the ground or else we’ll be tracking dirt into the building something terrible.”

Bascomb says the town will use a $25,000 city fund to clean up the remaining mud. The money was intended for city infrastructure improvements. That work is now on hold.

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