Have You Heard The Singing Of The Beer Choir?

May 25, 2017

Through the din of the bar, the voices emerge.

The Beer Choir is a choir that sings while drinking beer.

So bottoms up! CHEERS!”

These lyrics can be found in the “Beer Hymnal,” the Bible of songs for members of the Palouse Two Rivers Beer Choir.

Drawing on pub tunes from around the world, the beer choir brings song into the lives of beer drinkers at local breweries and taverns. The Beer Choir was founded two years ago in Ohio with the idea of bringing professional choir members to pubs to sing light-hearted bar tunes and sea shanties. Last fall, the group – which encourages people to “Sing Responsibly” -- launched on the Palouse.

“I thought this would be a great way to get people singing without having to be a part of a group or prepare for a concert,” said Sarah Graham, conductor of the Palouse Choral Society, which sponsors the local beer choir. “They can just sing.”

The Palouse Two Rivers chapter performs every third Wednesday of the month in the local alehouses of the Palouse region. The chapter hopes to bring knowledge of different cultures as well through song. Member Jill Fruedon said pub songs are a lost art in American music.

“In Germany and in other countries, the whole culture of music being a part of your life in a casual way is important,” Fruedon said. “It’s something we need as a society.”

The Palouse chapter of the Beer Choir is sponsored by the Palouse Choral Society and performances are at no cost. Vice President Gary Peterson says the beer choir is a lot of fun and money is not important to the choir's mission.

“Sarah Graham brought the Beer Choir here to meet singers and to have fun,” Peterson said.

Download your copy of the 10-song hymnal at www.beerchoir.com