Hastings, Jewell Face Off At Committee Hearing

Jul 17, 2013

Washington State is home to two key players when it comes to national environmental policy. Sally Jewell is the Interior Secretary and a Seattle resident. Doc Hastings is chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee and a Republican from Pasco. They faced off for the first time on Capitol Hill.

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell testified on Capitol Hill Tuesday.
Credit Northwest News Network

Rep. Doc Hastings said the U.S. Department of Interior is making one-sided decisions, with little oversight on issues like energy policy, endangered species and fracking. He said the department isn’t cooperating with oversight efforts.

“We are really running out of patience with the department’s delays," Hastings says. 

Hastings threatened to subpoena information. He said the committee issued 10 document requests over the past year. In response, Jewell said thousands of pages had been turned over.

“Before you feel a need to submit a document request, I’m very happy to have a one-on-one conversation with you," Jewell says.

Hastings subpoenaed the Department of Interior before Jewell was confirmed in April. He requested documents related to a temporary ban on offshore drilling and coal mining regulations.

During the hearing, Jewell also answered questions about wildfires, national parks and Indian affairs.

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